Sample ´┐┐Hold Carrier Liable´┐┐ Letter

    For most claims, you must send this letter to the carrier notifying them that the carrier may be held liable for damages to cargo.
     You can copy and paste the following, filling in the appropriate information:

>> begins sample letter here <<
cut and paste onto your stationary



DATE: ______________________  
TO:    ______________________  
attn: Cargo Claims Department  
     Please consider this our formal intent to file a claim as described below. Please mark your records accordingly. Further documentation will be forthcoming. Thank You.
Carrier Bill# ___________________________ Date: ________________________________
Our House Bill# ________________________ Date: ________________________________
 Check All


Shortage of ____ Pieces
  Visible Damage to _____ Pieces
  Concealed Damage
  Delivery Receipt was marked noting damage upon receipt
  Delivery Receipt was not marked noting damage upon receipt
  Survey has been requested

If you have any questions, please contact me at:


>> end sample letter here <<
cut and paste onto your stationary

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