Sample Profit & Loss Form

     For many insurance coverages or bonds you will need to provide a detailed Financial Statement. Here is a very basic P&L form that can serve as an example for you if your accountant is not providing this information to you already.

>> begins sample form here <<

ABC Manufacturing


Income Statement

For 12 Months Ended December 31, 2002


Gross Revenue

     $             160,000

Sales & freight Income

Cost of Freight For Shipments


Total product cost.

Gross Margin

     $               51,800





Sales, Administrative & General Expense

     $                 5,200

Overhead costs

Depreciation Expense


Asset expense over time

Earnings Before Interest & Income Tax

     $               45,400

Known as EBITA




Interest Expense

     $                 3,100

Interest on debt

Earnings Before Income Tax

     $               42,300

Called pre-tax profit




Income Tax Expense

     $                 8,100




Net income

     $               34,200

Or net profit


 >>> end of sample form <<<


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